Cykeem A Grungy night in NYC

This is a breathtaking picture of Miley. She is so beautiful like can we all just take a moment to appreciate how striking she is or

Got ‘em, coach!

do you prefer to get eaten out? gah im so scared to try it with my bf any tips lol this is serious


Lol you should ask your bf what he thinks. You should just go with the flow, nothing real big. I don’t really have tips on this, Just be clean everybody likes clean shit.

I know u tired of my ass but when u gonna turn up with me in FL?! Lol im your biggest supporter love u <3


Haha it’s ok  ;-p I do need to go to Florida, haven’t been there for a while.

Thank you i kinda figured you were 21 damn im 25 :/ old af ugh!


not really.. just 4 years apart?

How did you and your current boyfriend meet ? & do u have any kids ?


We kinda started off as acquaintances, the first tattoo I got from him was the henna design on my hand . Then we started talking and just hang out more & we had alot of things incoming and so we became closer, he is even learning me how to do tattoos. he did al my latest tattoos he’s just too dope. No I don’t have kids.

Just being myself &#8230;